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Thinking about a career with VER? Great choice (if we do say so ourselves). It's our employees who have made us who we are today. For speed and efficiency, VER has automated the hiring review process. To view and apply for current jobs, click on the position title that interests you. At that time you will be re-directed to our secure employment site. What are you waiting for? Change is good.

VER is an equal opportunity employer.

Title Location
Audio Account/Project Manager Las Vegas, NV
Audio Department Manager (Las Vegas) Las Vegas, NV
Audio Electronics QC Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Audio Engineering & Project Manager (Las Vegas) Las Vegas, NV
Audio Ops. Coordinator Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Audio QC Dallas, TX
Audio QC Engineer Houston,TX
Audio QC Engineer Atlanta, GA
Audio QC Technician Las Vegas, NV
Audio Technician Atlanta, GA
Automated Lighting QC Lead Las Vegas, NV
Automated Lighting QC Technician Dallas, TX
Automated Lighting QC Technician I Las Vegas, NV
Bench Technician (Lighting) Secaucus, NJ
Branch - Lighting Department Manager Secaucus, NJ
Branch - Lighting Department Manager Dallas, TX
Branch - Lighting Department Manager Orlando, FL
Branch Operations Nashville, TN
Branch Operations Vancouver, BC, Canada
Branch Operations New York, NY
Branch Operations Dallas, TX
Branch Operations Secaucus, NJ
Branch Operations Atlanta, GA
Branch Operations Philadelphia, PA
Branch Operations Phoenix, AZ
Branch Operations San Diego, CA
Cable QC Secaucus, NJ
Cable QC Las Vegas, NV
Cable QC Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Camera Prep Technician Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Camera Prep Technician New York, NY
Computer Technician New York, NY
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Administrator/Analyst Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Delivery Driver Las Vegas, NV
Dispatch Las Vegas, NV
Drafter, Document Control Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Driver San Francisco, CA
Driver Miami (Ft. Lauderdale), FL
Driver Boston, MA
Driver New Orleans, LA
Driver Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Driver Orlando, FL
Driver New York, NY
Driver Philadelphia, PA
Driver Atlanta, GA
Driver Houston,TX
Engineer - Camera and Lens QC (New York) New York, NY
Facilities Maintenance Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Forklift Operator Las Vegas, NV
Lead LED Technician Orlando, FL
LED Project Manager Orlando, FL
LED QC Tech Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
LED QC Tech Secaucus, NJ
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (Chicago) Chicago, IL
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (Dallas) Dallas, TX
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (Las Vegas) Las Vegas, NV
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (Los Angeles) Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (Nashville) Nashville, TN
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (New York/New Jersey) New York, NY
Lighting Account Manager/Rentals (Orlando) Orlando, FL
Lighting/Video Design/System Draftsmen Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Mechanical Engineer Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Monitor QC Las Vegas, NV
Monitor QC Dallas, TX
Operations Admin Las Vegas, NV
Package Fulfillment Secaucus, NJ
Package Fulfillment Las Vegas, NV
Package Fulfillment Orlando, FL
Package Fulfillment Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Procurement and Inventory Assistant Nashville, TN
Projection Engineer New York, NY
QC Engineer Philadelphia, PA
QC Engineer (Cineverse) New Orleans, LA
Quality Control Engineer New York, NY
Quality Control Engineer Phoenix, AZ
Rental Agent Washington DC (Lanham), MD
Rental Agent New Orleans, LA
Rental Agent Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Rental Agent Atlanta, GA
Rental Agent San Diego, CA
Rental Agent Denver, CO
Rental Agent Orlando, FL
Rental Agent Nashville, TN
Returns Las Vegas, NV
Returns Secaucus, NJ
Rigging Chain Hoist Repair Specialist Las Vegas, NV
Rigging Fall Protection Rescue and Safety Specialist Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Rigging Operations Secaucus, NJ
Rigging Project Manager USA All
Rigging Specialist Las Vegas, NV
Screen QC Technician Dallas, TX
Screen/Drape QC Las Vegas, NV
Senior Analyst - Asset Strategy Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Technical Operations Manager (Atlanta Technical Center) Atlanta, GA
Technical Service Manager (Lighting) Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Technical Service Manager (Lighting) Secaucus, NJ
Temporary Inventory Barcoding Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Touring Audio Technician USA All
Video Display Monitor QC New York, NY
Video Display QC Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Video Display Technician Dallas, TX
Video Engineer Los Angeles (Glendale), CA
Video QC Las Vegas, NV
Warehouse Las Vegas, NV
Wireless Video/Video QC Technician New York, NY