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Tascam CD-200i Professional Rackmount CD Player with iPod Dock

This is a unique combination of rack-mountable CD player with a dock for Apple's iPod© music player. It uses the new TEAC CD-5020A transport, custom-designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise.

A sliding drawer reveals the connector for docking any Apple iPod, controllable from the CD-200i's front panel or wireless remote; options include transport control, album navigation and more. Video can be played through an S-video jack on the rear panel, and the dock connector also charges the iPod.

The CD-200i has unbalanced phono outputs and S/PDIF digital out on coaxial and optical jacks. MP3 and WAV file playback is supported from CD media. The front-panel Folder navigation buttons change folders on CDs and albums on the iPod. A wireless remote control with numerical track select button is also included.

Product Weight:  9.3 lbs
Dimensions:  19"W x 3.72"H x 11.73"D

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Manufacturer Specs

Formats Supported: Audio, MP3, and WAV file CDs; TEXT and ID3 tags
   Dock connector for Apple iPod charging and playback
   S-video or composite output for iPod video playback
   Continue, Random and Program play
   Repeat All and Repeat Single play 
   Index Search
Shock/skip Prevention: Memory buffer
Pitch Control: ±12% (analog outputs only)
   RCA unbalanced line out (CD and iPod)
   Coaxial and Optical S/PDIF digital out (CD only)
   Stereo headphone, 1/4"
Configuration: 2u rack mountable
Remote Control: Wireless 55-key