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Manufacturer:  Avitech
Model:  MCC-8004UE
Avitech MCC-8004UE Multi-Image Video Processing Module with 32 Channels Embedded Audio
Manufacturer:  Evertz
Model:  7767VIP12-HSN
Evertz 7767VIP12-HSN 12 Input Video Monitoring Card
Manufacturer:  Evertz
Model:  7767VIP4-HSN
Evertz 7767VIP4-HSN Analog Input Card
 Manufacturer:  Evertz
Model:  MVP-32-HSN
Evertz MVP 32-Channel HD/SD Frame
Manufacturer:  Miranda
Model:  Kaleido-Alto HD
Miranda Kaleido-Alto HD Multi-Image Processsor
Manufacturer:  Miranda
Model:  Kaleido-Quad HD
Miranda Kaleido-Quad HD 4x HD/SD-SDI & Composite Display Processor
Manufacturer:  Zandar
Model:  MX16
Zandar MX16 Multiviewer