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Rent From Us

Getting Started - The VER Credit Experience

The first step for renting from VER is to open an account. Once your paperwork is completed and an account is opened, you are ready to rent. Repeat rentals may require nothing more than a phone call to the VER Rentals Department.

Choose a Region

  • US CA Providing A Security Deposit
  • US CA Providing A Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Europe
For all International Customers outside of Europe, please use the US/Canadian Forms. If you should have any questions regarding the applications, please contact the VER Credit Department at

The VER Rental Experience

Once you've opened an account, a VER rental agent will create your rental order, subject to equipment availability. We will send you a copy of the rental order upon request and strongly recommend that you carefully review all orders for accuracy. The physical fulfillment of any rental orders is performed by your local VER office and additional documentation may be required. Please consult your local VER office.

Credit FAQs
VER - Sample COI and EOP (Customers) [516 kb pdf]